Drill Bits is a series of short films that highlight scientific drilling projects undertaken by earth scientists in various parts of the world.  The drilling projects are part of a large international effort, directed by the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program (ICDP,) that seeks to better understand Earth’s inner workings by utilizing drilling technology to obtain rock and sediment samples from key places such as earthquake faults, volcanoes, lake beds, meteor impact craters, and sites where continents have collided. 

Drill Bits looks at five drilling projects:  One examines how the tropical climate of Guatemala changed and how that affected the ancient Maya; another explores how climate in southern Africa affected human evolution.  Another project looks at how earthquakes get started on the San Andreas Fault; the fourth explores what drives the volcanic process on Hawaii.  The last project provides insights into the mountain building process in southern Germany.

Films ranges from 3.5 to 5 minutes. Funded by the National Science Foundation and International Continental Scientific Drilling Program.  Released 2007, 2008.


Narrated by Susan-Jane Harrison

Written and edited by

Diane LaMacchia

Cinematography and music by Doug Prose

Produced and directed by

Diane LaMacchia and Doug Prose