This PBS film captures the early stages of an historic expedition, EarthScope, and in the process tells the dramatic geologic story of the North American continent.

EarthScope is an ongoing exploration, funded by the National Science Foundation and undertaken by a diverse group of scientists, students, and volunteers who employ the most advanced earth exploration techniques to answer persistent geologic questions about the structure and evolution of the continent, and the physical processes controlling its earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.  Shot in many locations in North America. 

Length: 27 minutes.  Funded by the National Science Foundation.  Released 2006.

Expedition Earthscope

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Narrated by Michael Gene Sullivan

Written and edited by Diane LaMacchia

Cinematography by Doug Prose

Music by Ed Goldfarb and Doug Prose

Graphics by Zsoka Barkacs

Produced and directed by

    Doug Prose and Diane LaMacchia