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The Film

Behind Italy’s cultural abundance is the diversity and turbulence of its geology: the continuously erupting volcanoes, the violent earthquakes, the clash of mighty tectonic plates, and the rising of the mountains from which Michelangelo quarried his famous Carrara marbles.

Shot in Italy’s geologic hotspots, from the Dolomites to Vesuvius, Italy’s Mystery Mountains ties Italy’s incredible geologic story to its rich artistic culture.

Filmed from the Alps to Sicily and into Tunisia

The Science

Italy’s Mystery Mountains follows two international teams of geologists, one working near Bologna and the other in southern Italy, where Sicily’s famed volcano, Mt. Etna, erupts in brilliant showers of lava. The geologists are determined to fill in the story of how the Italian peninsula was first created and whether the famed Apennine Mountain range running down Italy’s spine is still alive and growing.


Produced and directed by

Doug Prose and Diane LaMacchia

Narrated by Dianne Nicolini

Funded by the National Science Foundation

Mount Etna

Alpi Apuane


Near Cararra

DVD is available from PBS Video