Say "Nevada" and the first thing that comes to mind is the gambling capitol of the world, Las Vegas. But Nevada has a well-kept secret: It contains the largest amount of wild, undeveloped land in the continental US. Wild Secrets of Nevada takes viewers to Nevada's wild places, with biologists, geologists, and historians on hand to unravel the secrets of this starkly beautiful land.

In the hundreds of patches of wilderness scattered throughout the state are a multitude of surprises awaiting the adventurous. It is a land of many contrasts and an unusual diversity of ecosystems. Luckily for those who want to visit this virtually unknown "other" side of Nevada, most of these wild lands are easy to get to and open for exploring and camping, because nearly ninety per cent of Nevada is publicly owned.

This PBS film traces the historical interplay of people and wilderness, from Native Americans through Gold Rush days when pioneers mined it for silver and regarded the rest as wasteland, to modern times and a revival of interest in preserving Nevada's remaining wild territory.

Length: 57 minutes. Funded by the Thoresen Foundation.  Released 2005.

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Narrated by Carol Rosenberg

Written and directed by Diane LaMacchia

Cinematography by Doug Prose

Music by Ed Goldfarb and Doug Prose

Produced by Diane LaMacchia and Doug Prose