The Wild South is a PBS documentary that tells the story of three of the last large southern wilderness areas and what they mean to people who experience these exquisite places firsthand.

In the Southern Appalachian Mountains (filmed in Georgia, Alabama, and the Carolinas) we meet Chuck Logan, an inner-city Atlanta native who has hiked most of the Appalachian Mountain range.  In Florida, the birds and alligators of the Everglades look even wilder through the eyes of curious four-year-old visitor, Martin.  And outside of the US borders, but still within the National Forest system, we wander with Diana De Ju, who left New York City to live with her family on the edge of Puerto Rico’s lush rain forest, the Caribbean National Forest.

Providing context for these unique wild places is narrator Julia Butterfly Hill, who famously brought attention to the plight of ancient redwood forests by living in a redwood tree for nearly two years, keeping it from being cut down. Ms. Hill grew up in the South and spent much of her childhood exploring places depicted in The Wild South.

Length: 27 minutes.  Funded by the Thoresen Foundation.  Released 2008.

The Wild South

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Narrated by Julia Butterfly Hill

Written and edited by Diane LaMacchia

Cinematography and music by Doug Prose

Produced and directed by Diane LaMacchia and Doug Prose