The Himalaya Connection

Scientists have found a major, seismically active fault in the Earth’s crust under Bangladesh and northeastern India. It’s called a megathrust, and it could result in a very large earthquake sooner than later.


Television Documentaries and Short Films

Flags in Nepal

Mountain Building - Nepal

Seismology in Bangladesh

Seismology - Bangladesh

Scientists in Tibet

Geochemistry - Tibet

Old Growth Forests

Old Growth Forests - California

Scientists in Italy

Structural Geology - Italy

Scientists in Antarctica

Climate Change - Antarctica

Earth Images Foundation

Earth Images Foundation is a film production company based in Oakland, California. We work on location around the world. Our goal: to make compelling documentaries about the Earth, its beauty and its processes, and how we humans relate to it.

Collaborating with earth scientists and wilderness experts, Earth Images creates films about geology and wild nature for television broadcast. Our work can also be seen in museums, classrooms, conferences, airplanes, and on the internet.


Earth Images Foundation

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