Earth Images Foundation is a film production company based in Oakland, California. We work on location around the world. Our goal: to make compelling documentaries about the Earth, its beauty and its processes, and how we humans relate to it.

Collaborating with earth scientists and wilderness experts, Earth Images creates films about geology and wild nature for television broadcast. Our work can also be seen in museums, classrooms, conferences, airplanes, and on the internet.


Diane LaMacchia

Diane began her filmmaking career in 1991 at the University of California, Berkeley, where she produced PBS science documentaries and short science films for general audiences. A world traveller from an early age, Diane enjoys exploring new places and complicated subjects and sharing her understanding with a broad public audience. She began collaborating with Doug in 1993 and became a full-time producer for Earth Images Foundation two years later. With a background in art and drama, as well as journalism and public affairs, Diane writes, produces, directs and edits Earth Images’ films.

Doug Prose

Doug began producing PBS documentaries in 1989. He worked as a geologist before that, studying human impacts on desert landscapes with the US Geological Survey. Doug founded the non-profit Earth Images Foundation in 1992, whose mission is to produce educational films about the Earth and how people relate to it. In addition to producing and directing, Doug is the cinematographer for Earth Images. A percussionist and guitarist, he sometimes contributes original music for Earth Images’ film soundtracks.